Makeup Tips of summer

The make up trends of summer 2012 has taken aback all and sundry due to its unexpected flavor.This summer bright and fun makeup is once again in style.Once gain we are heading towards the fantastical fascination and dreamy destiny from the past.The gorgeous girls must pay attention to the details of makeup in vogue for the stunning looks at events.vintage or retro is going to make you not only fashionable but also elegant.refined and colorful.
Summer exudes joy and warmth and the look will impart individuality with lighter mood.Being trendy can distinguish you from the mob.Pastels-vivid colors like blue,Green, ,orange,pink, and purple that bring joy-is the backbone of retro inspired make up.
For enhancing natural beauty use soft or electric shades of these colors and you will appear as a breath of fresh air in the choking waves of summer.If you have a good sense of color-coordination feel free to combine two or more color ad long as they work well with each other.
Coal your eyelashes with black or brown mascara. Without overdoing give an elegant touch to your cheekbones.with any blush of your choice.Complete the fabulous look with a nude lipstick or preferably lip gloss.
You can also wear vintage makeup with some twist for beautification .All you need for attraction is to focus on the best facial features of your face, eyes and mouth.Coat eyes with soft shade of lavender and apply bloody red lipstick on your lips,top eyelashes with not more than one coat of mascara and you will look stunning .You will look stylish because the boldness of lips will be balance by the softness of eyes.
Remember that base will stand out your makeup.Wear makeup on a flawless skin for maximum output.Nothing can be more outstanding than gorgeous skin paired with flawless touches of makeup.

Fashion shot of beautiful blonde woman on the beach in Hawaii


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