How to apply smokey eye effect


This party look using the smoky eye techniqye allows you to create dramatic eye look perfect for a night out.this technique allows you to not only
express your individuality.But discover new depth and definition of your eyes with a navy eyelid

Taking the and smudge this along the entire eyelid stopping at the crease.
You can wear the same bright blue soft eye kchi over the lid on its own for an easy eye look.
Using a midnight blue eye kohl.sketch along the crease of your eye.Taking a blending brush.buff out the eye liner blending it out into the crease.

With a bright creamy white highlight your brow bone applying it below the eyebrow than blending it out and into the blue Steel creating a smooth transition.

Line Your upper lash line using a rich black eye liner to intensity your look.
Final Step:
Taking a rich black apply this in the lower lash line.
To Achieve this look use color studio Pro Soft Kajal in Electric Blue Color Studio Pro Soft Kajal in Blue Steel,Color Studio Pro Knockout Marker,color Studio Pro Soft Kohi Kajal in Jet Black


This article was about: How to apply smokey eye effect

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