How to Dye Hair

1. Pick a color you are comfortable with. If it is your first time, pick a color not so far away from your original hair color in order to be safe. preferably 2 shades away from your natural hair color.


How to Dye Hair


2.Use the provided protective gloves. Have paper towels nearby to deal with spills. Also have a bath towel you DON’T love, best if it is dark in color (assuming you are dying your hair a dark color), to use to dry your hair after you rinse the dye out – because even if you rinse the dye out thoroughly, some may get on the towel.

How to Dye Hair


3.Wear a ratty old shirt you do NOT like, preferably one you are ready to throw away, its very easy to get dye on whatever shirt you are wearing.


4.Before applying dye to hair, coat your hairline, ears or where-ever the dye is exposed to with Vaseline or a lip balm, this prevents staining!


5.Mix the dye together.

hair color


6.Apply the dye to your hair in sections ie. left side, right side, top, back, etc. Be sure to coat all your hair so that it doesn’t come out streaky. Work the dye in well so that you do more than simply color the top layer of your hair.


7.Set a timer for the amount of time it says on the box. *Note: If you are coloring to cover gray, add ten minutes to the time.*


8.Without disturbing the dye on your hair, wipe excess dye off of your neck and forehead with a paper towel.


9.Wait until the timer is up, walk in the shower, get a little water in your hair, and lather it up, dye and all. Let it sit for another minute and rinse it out completely until the water runs clear.


10.Use the conditioner that’s in the kit and leave it in your hair for about five minutes. Then rinse it out.

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11.Allow your hair to dry naturally instead of blow-drying as it will retain more shine that way.


12.Avoid exposing your newly dyed hair to extended time in the sun for at least a day. UV rays can interfere with freshly applied hair dye.

hair dye

13.Wash your hair the next day. Aim to allow a full 24 hours to elapse between the dye application and the washing of your hair. Condition it with your normal conditioner, but again leave the conditioner in for a full five minutes. *Note: Some shampoos (Prell, Pantene, most VO5, some Suave, dandruff shampoos unless they specifically say they are color safe) contain harsh detergents that can rapidly strip the dye color off your hair. If you want to make your color last as long as possible, read the label on your shampoo, make sure it says its safe for colored hair.*


14.Make sure that you leave your conditioner in for at least five minutes every time you shampoo for the next week and your hair will be soft and shiny just like it was before you dyed it.


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