Five common foundation blunders that age you


If you’ve had the same makeup routine for years, you might not think much about the products you slap on every day. But if you haven’t tweaked your routine in some time, you might want to consider a change, because as you get older your skin becomes less forgiving and needs tweaked coverage to stay looking fantastic. Foundation, especially, can age you, which is why it’s important to check yourself for these five common blunders:

.Skipping primer: It’s not just for the red carpet: today’s formulas are light as air, non-greasy, and stay put all day. Use one under your foundation to fill in fine lines, even your skin tone, and provide a smooth canvas for foundation to ‘stick’ to, so your makeup will look fresh all day.

Using the wrong formula. Thick liquids or dry powders have a tendency to settle into fine lines and exaggerate imperfections, rather than hiding them. Start with primer (see above), then use a lightweight, moisturizing formula designed for mature skin.

Using the wrong shade. The porcelain shade that perfectly matched your 20-year-old skin might seem shockingly pale on your 30-year-old self. The reason: age saps your natural glow and can leave you looking paler than usual. A warmer shade will bring you back to life.

Skipping highlighter. Today’s pumps and rollerballs dispense a hint of shimmer and glow, not the sparkly sheen you might imagine. Use it to lift cheekbones, slim the bridge of the nose, add a little light to the corners of your eyes, or fake fuller lips (dab on the Cupid’s bow).

Settling for a plain-Jane formula. Sure, you could settle for a basic liquid foundation, but why would you when there are so many options on the market? Unless you’re committed to using a separate SPF moisturizer each morning, you’ll want SPF in your makeup. New formulas offer anti-aging benefits that work to improve your skin’s tone and texture all day long. And after all, if you’re going to put something on your skin for several hours, it might as well offer you a few extra benefits!

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