Carrot Juice Recipe


Actually, carrot juice is great on its own, or it can be used in combination with apple juice and greener vegetables such as celery and even spinach. But some people do not pleasant those things combined in the juice. You can make your own carrot juice recipes by your homemade recipes that would be appropriate to your appetite.

If you want some homemade recipes of making carrot juice, here they are the recipes:

1.       The recipe is for the people who allowed only carrot on the juice. So you will only need some carrots and water or sugar syrup to make the additional sweet taste. These kinds of carrot juice recipe make a lovely fresh juice that is naturally sweet and smooth almost creamy.

How to make the juice:

Wash carrots using water and remove any dirt in the carrot properly. Remove the green tops and slice the carrots into small pieces to fit your juicer pot. Juice it and mix with the sugar syrup or you can add honey and some ice, and then enjoy it.

2.       The other recipe that mix with lemon

When it is summer, you would probably need something fresh and healthy. Carrot juice and lemon would make you fresh.


250-400 gram of carrots

100 ml of lemon juice

2 tablespoon of Honey or maple syrup as the sweetener

Ice cube (optional)

How to make it:

Put all those things into the blender, then mix it till you get the well-mixed juice and then enjoy.

In addition, you can make your own juice by your own recipe. Carrot would be great also if it is mixed with the vegetable such as cucumber or celery; it will be healthier because you can consume much vitamin in a glass of juice. Make sure that you measure the amount of ingredients properly, because the taste wouldn’t be tasteful when you are not measure it.

Another juice will be great for you when you decide to try any of juice variant. Orange juice would be best substitute drink and you can make your own orange juice. Maybe, market provides you the instant packaged juice, but why don’t you create your own juice?

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