How to rcognize dyed hair ?

Coloring hair is the latest fashion trend. Many people like to change their hair color frequently. This makes it tough to guess what their natural hair colour is. But one can, through keen observation, make out if a person dyes their hair or not.

One of the easiest ways to find out if a person dyes their hair is by observing the hair roots. Hair roots have all the tell tale signs which give away the secret that hair has been coloured. As the hair grows, the colour difference is very apparent only after two weeks of colouring. The hair roots will have a different colour than rest of the hair, especially at the hairline, temple and nape of the neck. The hair at the temple is short and falls off quicker when compared to the rest of the hair. Thus the colour difference is easily noticeable. Also, many people ignore dying their hair at the nape of the neck, and this can be easily noticed to see if a person dyes their hair.

Eyebrows give away the hair colouring secrets easily. Most of the people neglect to dye their eyebrows to the same colour as their hair. Even if eyebrows are dyed, they grow at a faster pace than the hair on the head. Therefore roots of eyebrows will show a different colour than rest of the hair. the same is true for the hair at the forearms.

Eyelashes can also tell you the natural colour of a person’s hair, if seen before makeup. A person’s eyelash colour is the true colour of their hair. sometimes eyelashes also turn grey when a person’s rest of the air starts to grey.

Another way to make out if hair has been dyed is scientifically study of their hair. A person’s hair has up to seven shades. The hair in the front are lighter due to greater exposure to sun and darken as you go towards the back of the head. A person who dyes their hair will have one even hair tone as against varying shades of natural hair.

Many people highlight their hair in order to avoid uniformity of colour throughout the head. However, it is very easy to make out that the hair has been coloured. Highlighted hair has even and symmetrical highlights. However, a person with natural hair has unevenly shaded hair. If you notice a person over time, you will notice that the dye will fade out from bright and lustrous to dull and flat over a period of time. Therefore, by observing a person’s hair carefully, you can make out if the hair has been coloured or not.

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