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Skin jewelry are sensual and feminine.
It includes short necklaces, earring, rings and bracelet. Silver and gold jewelry used together looks contemporary. If both metals are mix with pearl it breaks up the overly feminine look.

If you’re going out to a formal dinner, use crystals or rhinestone. It will look perfect for the night. For casual look, you can combine a short choker with long strands. With a turtleneck, dangling earrings looks fabulous but if you are at work never use dangling jewelry. It doesn’t work with an office look. Chokers are nice and elegant but they don’t usually work on short, thick necks. They look good on long faces and neck.

Necklaces length that stops at the breastbone looks good on women with big bust. For tall women, a necklace with thirty-four to thirty-six inches gives them a good balance.
To make the right choice and to assess how all the different length looks on you use a full length mirror.

In buying pearls, to check if it’s genuine, rub a pearl gently across the bottom of your teeth. If the gem feels mildly abrasive like the sand then you can tell that it’s real.

Bracelets are feminine, fun and sexy. Cuff bracelets comes in a same shades and places as beads. Skinny bangles either gold, brass, silver also looks good in great numbers. Chain-link bracelets can look stylish if you mixed them with narrow bangles and ivory beads and wood beads look good with silver and gold.

Earrings are the accessory closest to the face. You need a full length mirror to show whether the proportion is right. Wearing gold or pearl buttons are suitable for daytime use. Dangling earrings are good for evening, weekend or at home look.

If you have oval-shaped face a round medium sized earring like a big circle with pearl in the middle will look good and for women with round face or jaw wide use a flat, slender drops or oval button earring looks best. A pear shape earrings, wider at the bottom will be flattering to triangular face.

If you don’t have piercing, wearing a clip earrings is a good option.
Rings comes in different settings. When you are buying a diamond ring, to tell if it’s real or not, look through the back of the cut stone while holding it above newsprint. If you can see even small letter, then it is fake. Real diamonds distort the print. The birthstone rings are considered forever classics. They are good accent to your evening wardrobe.

Simple and slim baguette band, gold cigar bands and insignia rings look good on short fingers.

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