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Of course,  every women have jewelery and have craze about it. But most of the times they don’t know how to manage it. Or how to keep it always new. Here are few very useful tips as a solution.


Mix a few drops of mild dish washing liquid in a small bowl of warm water.
Immerse for 10 to 15 minutes and then gently clean with a soft bristle brush.
Rinse with lukewarm water, then dry and buff with a soft cloth.
For quick fix, dip in rubbing alcohol. Rinse and then dry.

The best way of storing gold jewelry is by wrapping them individually to avoid scratches.
To maintain the luster, it should be taken off before shower or housework.
Soap makes it dull. Chlorinated water eats up the metal, so avoid wearing them in chlorinated water.

A commercial cleaner should be used if it’s tarnished. Dipping it with very hot water might help too.
You can use a paste cleaner for jewelry with intricate design and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

In storing silver, it should be place in a dry box, keeping it away from light, air and dampness.

You can wrap then in a tarnish preventive bag or cloth.
The best way to prevent tarnishing is using it frequently. Don’t use in chlorinated water.

A mixture of equal part of water and ammonia or rubbing alcohol can be used in cleaning diamonds.

Immerse it for a few minutes and clean it with a soft bristle brush.
To prevent form scratching during storage, wrap them individually.
Bleach, chlorinated water or other household products can damage and discolor the mounting.
It should be taken off before working.


After wearing, wipe with a soft water-moistened cloth to remove residue.
If you are wearing them several times a week, once a year moisten a soft clean cloth in a solution of one part mild dish washing liquid to 20 parts lukewarm water, and rub each pearl individually.

Wipe off with a damp, clean cloth and buff dry. Let the pearls air dry overnight.
In storing it should be stored separately to avoid scratches.
Don’t put them in a plastic bag. Pearls need air to maintain it luster.
Use a chamois clothe, satin bag or wrap in tissue.

Put on pearls after applying cosmetics, perfumes and hair spray.
Using it frequently will maintain the luster of the pearl because natural skin oil can be absorbed.


Immerse each stones in mixed mild dish washing liquid and lukewarm water for a few minutes.
Clean with a soft bristle brush and then pat dry with soft clothes.
It should be store separately to avoid scratching.

Don’t expose to saltwater, chlorine, or detergents, which may slowly erode the finish and polish of the gems.

If your gems are set in metal follow the cleaning method recommended for metals.

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