How to decorate bathroom | Bathroom is a room from where you start your day


Bathroom is not an ordinary place in your home now; with advancement in fashion and trends bathroom décor has become important for people who want something different.

It is a room from where you start your day so it should be like a place where you can have a break.
Bathrooms are the most active rooms of the home that needs proper sanitation because they have a role to show your good aesthetic sense. They are decorated to give them a new look and changing mood.

Most of the bathrooms are quite plain as everyone cannot afford all the luxurious items to decorate a lavatory. But you can make it look different and beautiful by using your artistic sense. Everyone has its own ideas to give their bathroom décor a new look. Some simple and unique creative schemes can give your bathroom a totally new look.

The simplest thing you can do for bathroom décor is the use of unique paint for the walls and ceiling. Choose colors according to what they symbolize and represent, generally lighter shades are used to give a vast appearance. Comfort must be a priority and all you do must be done considering that you can use different objects but they should be in harmonious quantities. Different shapes provide different feelings as well as tending to balance in different way.

Lighting is the most important element that can give your bathroom décor a complete new look.  Your bathroom must give you an advantage of impeccably applying make up, set your hair and much more. You can use the fusion of natural and non-natural light sources to give your lavatory a vast appearance.

Another thing is the use of mirrors as it reflects and reproduces light and gives your bathroom a vast appearance. Mirrors should be places strategically, according to the lighting as well as which objects you wish it to reflect.

A good bathroom décor allows people to feel good and comfortable in the interior without really noticing it has been carefully thought of.  Bathroom has become a more like a spa rather than just a place to go and do your business. Bathroom décor should be natural and balanced, providing comfort to those occupying it.

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