Decorate your bedroom in a way, suitable for all Seasons

bedroom-designed-for-all-seasonsDecorating for all  Seasons
Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall general information for changing your decor for the season.

The world outside of our front door is constantly changing, shifting from season to season, its features and elements morphing to match the changes in monthly temperature. Often we want to capture the essence of these changes in our own home, casting off the stagnant atmosphere of a single look, and instead imbuing the environment with a dynamic and vigorous temperament. Luckily, the following decorating tips make this a relatively easy and painless process.

First, you should look to the natural elements of the season, and seek to bring them into the home. Flowers and floral accents indicate spring, while sand, driftwood, and other beach themed elements are more representative of the summer. In colder months the changing colors of autumn’s leaves can be used, as well as the leafy boughs of pine trees, and holly branches.

Another way to invoke a season is with color. Summer and spring tend to have lighter, more washed out colors that reflect the bright glare of the powerful sun coloring everything in a hazy glow.

In the winter, traditional colors tend to be darker, and deeper. First they follow the natural progression of the bright amber and brown hues of the falling leaves of autumn, and then they slowly morph into the even more vibrant contrasts of red, green, and gold which tend to represent winter months.

Holiday decorating is another way to invoke the nature of the season. People tend to remember the special days during a year, which makes holidays and celebrations particularly memorable. Use this fact to create a summer feel with Fourth of July gear, or a winter décor using seasonal Christmas accessories.

The best way to get your home to synch up with the seasons is to simply be aware of the changing world around you. By observing nature, you can pick up on the spirit of the season, and use that to bring elements into your interior projects.

This article was written by Joey Pebble, an artist and designer known for his work crafting a variety of stone drink coasters, wall clocks, chess sets, and other stone designs for PebbleZ

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